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About Us

Welcome To Kazoku.

Crystal Pure Trading (M) Sdn Bhd was established in 2006 with a purpose to provide safe, clean and top-grade RO bottled water and dispensers. With water being an extremely valuable resource and dubbed the source of life, we strive to ensure that the quality of our bottled RO water and services revolving it are uncompromised. At our factory, the machines that are equipped in handling the filtering and bottling processes are fully-automated and are strictly monitored with stringent quality control. Our staff are also professionally trained to be meticulous in every part of the process in order to keep them running smooth and safe. The culture cultivated within the company is a customer-centric one. Apart from just manufacturing and selling quality RO-bottled water as well as water dispensers, we have developed services that complement with our products. Services include door-to-door prompt delivery service, scheduled maintenance, customer support services and many more. Our trained staff are always on standby to promptly and efficiently serve our customers’ needs to ensure a pleasant drinking experience for a healthier lifestyle. Other than KAZOKU, Crystal Pure Trading (M) Sdn Bhd also provides products and services such as direct piped-in water filtering system


Our Vision

"To be the leader in initiating the movement in adopting the healthy habit of drinking water in the nation through our business."

Our Mission

"To be the lead provider in water filtration system business by focusing on the quality of our products and services."


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